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Women’s rights smell like the stuff of struggle: the warm sweat seeping from our pores after a day of joining the throngs in protest; the red cherry scented marker we once colored with as children, now being used to make urgent pleas and grand declarations on big poster boards - big enough for those who live in White Houses to see; it smells of a fire lit by our mothers and grandmothers and all the trailblazers who came before - the same one that is now up to us to keep alive, to keep burning.

Maybe one day the fire will burn on its own and we will be free to walk away. It will light up the word and we will know, once and for all, that our work is done.


Today is not that day. Witchie Wicks and the talented artists of Violet Red Studio is proud to launch LIGHT for RIGHTS - a limited edition scent with ALL proceeds going to support women in need of abortions and resources and Womens rights organizations.


Let’s light this fire.


  • About WitchieWicks.....


    Natural soy wax yields a clean burn that is optimal for your health and the environment. My supplies are all purchased from small U.S. based companies. Recycling is encouraged and for those clients who are local, I encourage you to bring me your old Witchiewicks candles for a special re-filling price!

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